Saturday, November 26, 2011

Geodon Withdrawal

Well, I now know why I couldn't sleep.

I'd accidentally missed two days' worth of my Geodon and Cymbalta. And it was the Geodon withdrawal that was making me wired - among other things. What happened is this: I filled my weekly pill box, but ran out of Geodon and Cymbalta as I was filling it. No problem, I thought - I'll see my psychiatrist in a few days, he'll give me a prescription. Saw the psychiatrist, he gave me the prescription, but forgot to fill it Wednesday and obviously couldn't fill it on Thanksgiving. I thought I'd had enough in my pill box to get me through to Friday, but... no such luck. And because I take all my meds from my pill box during dinner, it's easy to forget which pills I've taken and which I haven't.

The upshot of missing my Geodon and Cymbalta was fifty-six hours of wakefulness, and at the forty-eighth hour additional symptoms: hot flashes and cold sweats, light-headedness, and worst of all these horrible electrical impulses that went from my brain to my feet. They were so bad I could barely walk. They were so bad that as my body, desperately tired, started to fall asleep, I'd be woken from my dreams by horrible, horrible brain zaps.

As my psychiatrist's office was closed for Thanksgiving, I ended up in the emergency room, where it was first suggested that I might have missed a dose of Geodon. In the emergency room with the on-call psychiatrist, I pieced together the last day I could be sure I'd taken all my meds, which made my symptoms make sense.

So now my family's out the cost of another ER visit, and I put everyone through a lot of stress and worry over an avoidable mistake. Everyone's being really nice about it, but I feel like /shit/. I could have avoided this if I'd been more careful and responsible.

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